Sesquiterpenol-rich Essential Oils

Petal and Stem

Essential Oil Science & Chemistry Corner

Some of us are really curious about the chemistry of Essential Oils. I have so many questions in my head at times as my Aromatherapy Certification doesn’t leave any details out. The reason I personally think it is important to understand the chemistry of our oils, is beyond the aroma only. I can’t tell you how empowering it is, being able to help somebody by understanding my oils and to mix the right oils together for a therapeutic effect.

With the growth of Essential Oils in our regular lives, many of us start out with Essential Oils and might feel lost after a while. The options of mixing truly working blends is an art and it is chemistry.

Essential Oils are fascinating to me and for my own good I created the “Essential Oil Science & Chemistry Corner”. For the real nerdy ones. It…

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